What Is Food Safe Epoxy? How To Choose Best In 2021 [Complete Guide]

What is Food Safe Epoxy? How To Choose Best In 2021 [Complete Guide]

Last updated: 23 April, 2021

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Here is everything you need to know about buying the best food-safe epoxy in 2021 to help you create exquisite pieces of art in a safe manner.

By now, most of you have seen the beautiful resin trays and plates that have become such a trend over social media nowadays. But the question is, are these materials really safe for use in daily use home utensils? The soap trays in our washrooms, the coasters in our kitchens, and the beautiful and delicate art pieces in our halls undoubtedly add beauty and elegance to our home design. Still, their impact on the residents' health is a concerning matter.

Well, this is where the food-safe epoxy resin will catch your interest. While all kinds of resins come with their various advantages and numerous uses, not all are safe considering their health effects. Food-safe epoxy resin gives you the best alternative for those who want to minimize this health concern.

Food Safe Epoxy

So firstly, what is food-safe epoxy resin? This is a general term used for adhesives used in making such objects that frequently come in contact with food. These adhesives are quick to bind together different materials like plastic, glass, and ceramics, etc. Once applied between the components, you can heat the resin to speed up the curing process giving you a rigid and firm end product.

Benefits Of Food-Safe Epoxy

We all know epoxy resin has numerous uses. It is a good insulating material; therefore, you can use it for insulating cooking pot handles and kettle handles, etc. Similarly, repairing, laminating, and molding different plates and cutlery designs also requires a good quality epoxy resin. But apart from these uses, food-safe resin comes with its own set of benefits, some of which are listed below.

No Yellowing

Regular epoxy turns yellow very quickly due to the reaction of UV rays with its reactive components. However, the food-safe epoxy is composed of organic ingredients which are not very reactive. Therefore it is found to retain its color without any kind of yellowing. As a result, the food-safe epoxy is found to maintain its quality for a longer duration without showing any change in color over time. This helps keep your decoration pieces as well as utensils looking as good as new for longer intervals.

Its ability to maintain its color and shine for a long time makes it the perfect jewelry-making material. In fact, not only does it make the most stunning jewelry pieces, but you can also use it for creating pretty and unique customized buttons. With your DIY kits, you can create a variety of breathtaking customizable accessories according to your liking and convenience.

Easy Recycling

Another significant positive about the food-safe epoxy resin is that it is easy to recycle. Therefore if you are very particular about keeping the environment clean and safe with this compound, you don't have to worry about creating more plastic waste. With the new food-safe epoxy resin, you have a chance to create amazing new items while playing your part in saving the lives of so many living beings at the same time.

Easy To Use

The food-safe epoxy is safe to use around kids. So you can let your kids get creative and make new things with this material using a variety of molds available in the market. Although certain precautions are still to be followed, mostly safe food resin is safe and easy to use for both kids and adults alike. So let your kids explore their aesthetic capabilities as they create unique art pieces while utilizing their time in a healthy and fun learning activity.

Safe For Kitchenware

Specifically, what the food-safe resin is most useful for is the manufacturing of kitchenware. This includes all kinds of dishes as well as utensils. This compound's safe and chemical-free nature makes it ideal for creating beautiful fruit baskets, mugs, and glasses. Similarly, much of the expensive crockery nowadays is made from exquisite resin designs.

Not only are they used to beautify smaller articles like trays and coasters, but nowadays, even the bigger articles like dining tables and trolley tables show magnificent resin art. Also, for those of you looking for that little extra touch of fancy aesthetics, even cutting boards are available in amazing resin designs to help add a little sparkle to your kitchen environment.

Buying Guide

Adhesives like the food-safe epoxy can be extremely useful; however, you might want to make sure to pick the right product to get its complete benefits. These simple tips will help you make the right decision for selecting the perfect product for your use.

Here are some tips you might want to consider when looking for the best food-safe epoxy resin that can minimize your exposure to probable health concerns during frequent use.

Tips for Using Food-Safe Epoxy

  • If you plan on drilling or sawing the epoxy, you should use a dust mask. Usually, an A2 mask is sufficient for such tasks. This shall help prevent you from inhaling any toxic dust during the process and keep you safe from any respiratory problems that may arise otherwise.

  • Make sure you are working in the open air or a well-ventilated room when working with epoxy resin substances. Whether it is food safe or not, working with such substances in a closed environment may be problematic to some people who may be allergic to such compounds.

  • After working with epoxy resin or having contact with surfaces having an epoxy coating, always examine your skin for any sign of an allergy. In case of any allergic concerns, make sure to consult a dermatologist. This is necessary as any damage the allergy causes may be irreversible if treatment is not given at the right time.

Proper Quantity of Ingredients

Many people are nowadays trying the DIYs of making different resin utensils at home. However, this isn't an easy task, and one must watch out for the perfect amount of ingredients to get the right kind of consistency. Therefore look for the epoxy kits that offer the right quantities of resin-making ingredients.

Sometimes a disproportion of ingredients can lead to your resin product turning out sticky. In fact, even after curing it, you get a soft product that fails to maintain its form shape. We know it can be really hard for you to discard something you put so much effort into making. However, such a product cannot be used and needs to be discarded to prevent anyone from getting affected by the toxic ingredients.

Imperfect Curing

Consider, for instance, you have used the perfect proportion of ingredients, but your product still did not maintain its consistency. This can be a result of an improper curing process. Even in this case, if you fail to get the perfect texture and end up with a softer resin product, Do Not Use it!

Since Such products are not cured properly, they possess toxic properties that are unsuitable for food contact. This will most probably have a negative impact on your health when used for serving fruit or other eatables. Hence it is better to discard such products from your house.

Look For BPA-free Labels

There are quite a few chemicals that are thought to be a threat in food products, and hence, their use in epoxy resin products for eating utensils can be a concern. One of these chemicals is Bisphenol-A. This can be found in many plastic bottles and, in fact, also in some foods, making it a controversial compound among health-concerned agencies. Many of the findings consider it to be completely harmless due to no significant evidence of harm. On the other hand, certain studies vote against it.

Nonetheless, those who want to eliminate any possible threat must lookout for this ingredient in their resin products. There are products available in the market that have a BPA-free label on them, and you can always opt for these options to ensure better health conditions.

Avoid Carbolic Acid

Carbolic acid is another common substance that we see in many epoxy resins nowadays. In the case of food-safe epoxy resin, always look for products having no carbolic acid in the ingredients list. These substances have a corrosive and flammable nature. This is why so many disinfectants and weed killers contain this compound.

Due to the harmful effects of this compound, Swallowing any proportion of this can lead to poisoning or even nerve damage to some extent. Therefore make sure you prevent the use of such substances when considering use in kitchenware or cutlery etc.

Avoid Epichlorohydrin Ingredient

Another hazardous substance observed in the commonly used epoxy resin is Epichlorohydrin. Although you need to be exposed to substances like these for a long time to experience any major effects of suffering, the effects still exist. In the case of this particular chemical, long-term exposure may lead to an increasing threat of cancer.

Other possible effects of the resin having epichlorohydrin include eczema, allergy, respiratory infections, etc. According to certain studies, this substance has also been linked with kidney and nerve damage. But this is most common only in long-time exposure. Therefore when looking for food-safe epoxy resin, it is better to avoid such harsh substances.

FDA Approval Is Important

The US Food and drug administration is responsible for ensuring all the products we use are suitable for human use. It has a set criterion that comprises several tests that the products have to pass before getting the organization's approval. Similarly, to consider the epoxy resins safe for human use and label them as “food safe,” it needs to fulfill certain requirements.

Firstly the epoxy product must be following the title 21 code of federal regulations where subsections for polymers and adhesives require the products to pass several tests. These tests analyze the products in various aspects. These include making sure that the resin does not alter or impact the smell or taste of the food in any way. Similarly, the material should not release chemicals or other substances into the food, whether harmful or not.

Most importantly, the FDA makes sure that the composition of the food is not altered to impact the consumer's health in any way. Of course, products that are FDA approved might cost you more than similar brands in the market; however, spending money on quality is a long time investment that can help benefit you in the long run.

Don't Go for Industrial Use Resins

No matter how attractive the industrial resin prices may seem, always go for the home-based ones when buying for DIY purposes. These products are manufactured for use in large firms. Therefore, they are not suitable for home environment use.

The industrial resin products are to be used in a controlled environment. The user must take proper precautions when using this product. In bigger factories, most workers wear special suits; therefore, using these substances in a home environment may lead to certain people's health issues due to the concentrated toxic fumes.


Is epoxy food safe?

Whether an epoxy is food safe or not, depends completely on its chemical composition and quantity of ingredients.

What kind of epoxy is food safe?

ArtResin Epoxy Resin is completely food-safe, meaning that it is completely safe when it comes in contact with our eatables.

Do you need to wear a mask when using epoxy resin?

If one breathes the toxic vapors' of the epoxy resin for a longer time duration, it may be harmful to human health. Therefore we prefer you wear a mask when handling such substances.

Final Verdict

Like any other adhesive food-safe, epoxy is highly beneficial in its numerous uses; however, focusing on the ingredients and your method of use is important. Giving some attention to your ingredients list before buying the product and using it accurately according to the given instructions is sure to give you the perfect results.

So now you know all the tips n tricks to get the best food-safe epoxy in the market! Don't let anyone fool you with anything less than what is best. With the best products at hand, no doubt you will impress your guests with some impressive epoxy designs. Designs that are not only beautiful but also safe!

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