Painting Basement Floor With Latex Paint 2021 - Easy Steps

Painting Basement Floor With Latex Paint 2021 - Easy Steps

Last updated: 26 April, 2021

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To upgrade the look of your basement, follow this step-by-step guide for painting the basement floor with latex paint to enhance its looks. Many of you might have been wishing to finish your undone basement floor to make use of the space.

How to start and where to start are the first questions you think about when you mean to do your basement floor. A basement is usually a place that hides all the odds and sods. If you think of it, refurbishing your basement and making it look presentable increases your living space. You can turn your basements into mini theaters, kids' playroom, exercise room, office, or living room.

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In addition to that, you can also increase the worth of your house if your basement is properly done. Painting the basement floor with latex paint can increase the basement's life as it prevents water seepage. We all know that the basement is the dwelling area of molds and moisture, which can be eliminated by painting it. Before painting the basement floor, you need to know a few things that you can learn from this article. Let us give you a detailed guide for painting the basement floor with latex paint.

Painting Basement Floor With Latex Paint - Step by Step Guide

Choosing the Paint

Remember, no cheap paint can be a money-saving as it will wear off in just a few months. You need to go for high-quality paints that provide durability and give off a luxurious look. This article is basically about using latex paints for your basement floor. Latex paint is easy to use and work with; you don’t really need a professional to apply it for you.

INSL-X and KILZ are two of the best brands that manufacture all kinds of reliable and durable paints and sealers. You can always do your own research about the paints and choose the color you want.

Preparing your Basement Floor

Once you have chosen the brand and the latex paint color, the next step is to prepare the basement floor before applying the paint. You need to move all the furniture and other stuff out and clean it thoroughly. Run a broom over the floor to rid it of bigger dirt particles. Moreover, you can deep clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner to make sure it doesn’t contain dust particles.

Besides that, clean the basement floor with water using a hose to make sure it's squeaky clean. Remember, any paint adheres properly on the surface if it's clear from all the dirt particles.

Acid Flush

Acid flush is an additional step you can do to eliminate all the mineral deposits and some stubborn stains. You need to be extra careful around acid as it might cause irritation if it comes in contact with your skin. Make sure you do this step with all the provisions and precautions.

For acid wash, take four parts of water and one part of acid. Put it in the paint sprayer and spray it directly on the surface to eliminate all the stubborn dirt layers. After this procedure, let the surface dry completely to allow it to apply a seal on it.

Sealing the Floor

Sealing the basement floor is one of the crucial steps while prepping the surface. A surface sealer will prevent moisture from getting in or out of the floor to prevent any kinds of damages to the floor and paint. Make sure you have filled all the cracks and depressions on the surface for even paint application.

Some of the surface sealers have self-priming formulas, so you don’t have to purchase the primer separately. In addition to that, a surface sealer also prevents your basement floors from mold and mildew invasion with its mildewcide and anti-bacterial property. Moreover, you will get a clean and even base to apply the paint to get an even finish.

Paint Application

Now coming to the main step, which isn’t hard at all. To apply paint, you need a paintbrush and a paint roller of good quality to give you a clean finish. First of all, you need to mask all the areas you don’t want the paint to go with masking tape. The masking tape will go on the walls closer to the floor to prevent the paint spots. Apply a thin coat of paint over the surface, preferably with a paint roller for convenient application.

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Once the first layer is dried, apply another coat evenly and dry to an optimum level. You can beautify your basement as per your taste once you are all done painting its flooring. Choosing latex paint is a safe and best option for your basement floor, most specifically concrete floor. They are easy to work with, safer to use, and pretty affordable for your DIY projects.

You don’t need to hire professional help for painting the basement floor with latex paint unless otherwise required.


Can I use latex paint for the concrete floor?

Latex paint is one of the most common types of paint used for painting concrete floors, specifically basements. They are best for areas with less traffic and provide long-lasting protection to your floor. Most importantly, they are easy to work with and take less time for drying.

Can I paint the concrete basement floor with any paint?

You cannot paint the concrete basement floor with just any paint. Concrete flooring requires special paints to seal it for its protection and to bear all the rough usage. In addition to that, it takes concrete, specific paints to enhance the overall look of the floor.

Do I need to prime the floor before painting it?

Priming the basement floor is a crucial step that you need to carry out. Priming allows the floor to be fully ready for the paint. It helps the paint stick properly to the surface and gives a long-lasting adhesion. Some paints come with a self-priming formula, so they do not need separate priming.

Do I need to seal the concrete floor before painting?

Sealing is an essential step to perform before painting a basement floor. If you want to prevent dust contamination, then you should seal the concrete floor. Moreover, sealing also prevents water seepage and stops molds and mildew growth.

Is it good to paint the basement floor?

An undone basement floor doesn’t give off nice looks, so it is always a good idea to paint your basement floor. You can enhance your basement floor by applying epoxy or latex paints to give your basements a luxurious look.


Latex paint provides an economical and convenient option to enhance your basement floors. They have a safe formula and provide a long-lasting finish. Painting the basement floor with latex paint allows you to make good use of your basements. You can turn it into an office, mini theater, living room, and whatnot. It also upgrades the value of your house as a lot of people fancy houses with basements. Therefore, latex paint is your best friend if you want to refurbish your basement.

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